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An OBD II code reader is a great tool to have. It’s an electronic device that allows you to plug into your computer’s OBD diagnostic port and access technical information such as check engine codes for your car.

Up until the last few years, owning your own OBD II code reader tool was uncommon. But now you often find them in the do-it-yourselfer’s tool box. That’s because these code scanners are incredibly useful for diagnosing and fixing 1996 and newer vehicles.

The typical OBD II code reader is a handheld unit that allows you to view any stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) to help troubleshoot problems with cars and trucks. Some basic features may include:

- Viewing diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicle
- Ability to reset or clear DTC codes
- LCD screen readouts
- Code definitions right on the unit

The OBD-II code reader is so handy to have. It’s fun to pull codes and find out for yourself what’s going on with your vehicle. It can save you a lot of money too. Everyone should have there own OBD II code scanner!


Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Code Scanner Review


This Actron code scanner rocks!  The Actron CP9180 AutoScanner is a professional level tool that even the total layman can use to easily diagnose and repair cars and trucks. It has so many features you won’t need anything else. Yet it’s very intuitive and easy to learn how to use. Just some of the features include:

  • Bilingual diagnostic code scanner easily retrieves trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer to diagnose problems
  • Compatible with all OBD II-compliant vehicles from 1996 to the present
  • Large easy-to-read LCD screen displays DTCs and their descriptions
  • Fully updateable via the Internet, so it will work with future vehicle models
  • TrueLink Technology assures a fast and accurate diagnostic output


  • Displays and records live sensor data
  • State OBD II Check (emissions)
  • Reads codes on all 1996 and newer vehicles including CAN
  • Displays freeze frame data – engine data at the time of the fault
  • Bilingual tool: English and Spanish options

The Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic Code Scanner encompasses many professional features in an inexpensive scan tool. If you are new to diagnostic scanners, this handy tool connects to your vehicle, scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, and retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicle’s computer.

But even if you’re a veteran to scanners and auto repair, you’ll be impressed with the new functionality that Actron has added to the CP9180. This device not only scans your vehicle, it also allows you to freeze-frame live timing and pinpoint your vehicle’s problem. Instead of having to recreate a scenario over and over again, you can now playback the timing to scrutinize all the data and make a clear diagnosis. Combine this with Internet connectivity and the ability to interface with a PC, and you have a powerful, professional diagnostic scanner in the palm of your hand. This device is compatible with all OBD II (On-Board Diagnosis II) compliant vehicles manufactured in North America, Asia, and Europe from 1996 to the present.

This Actron code scanner is a perfect solution for identifying problems with your vehicle and keeping you and your family safe on the road!

Here’s what’s included in the Box
Actron CP9180 OBDII AutoScanner Plus diagnostic code scanner, OBD II cable, USB cable, soft case, and professional companion CD.

This amazing scanner is fully updatable by download from the internet and has a backlit display screen!

Here’s some of what people who have used the Actron CP9180 are saying:

Very accurate as advertised. Great buy for under $100.00 on sale. Looks pretty sturdy, seems like it would last a long time. I used it to erase my engine light fault. It was a bad oxygen sensor. Fixed the faulted problem, would not be any happier. Pays off it self by just one use. Very good stuff. Get it you will not be disappointed.


The product is extremely helpful and works as advertised. Reading the short manual and following explicit guidelines allows me to connect to internal vehicle computer and read codes which may be causing the check engine light to be on (or Malfunction Indicator Light – MIL). Even if I cannot fix the problem immediately, I can go to my mechanic well informed of what the basic problem is.


This scanner is great for anyone who knows a bit about cars but doesn’t have the need for a high dollar scanner. I enjoy cars, and when I bought my last car I told myself if I’m gonna drive it, I’ve got to learn how to fix it. I bought this to help me with a cold start issue I have been having, and I plan on using it to help me monitor the effects of the mods and new sensors I put on the car. I can monitor all of the running parameters the car has, which is the only sure fire way to isolate a problem like what I am having. If you don’t understand things like fuel trim and what 02 sensors should read, you might not find it as great as i do. It does show problem codes that set the check engine light, and it also shows pending codes, which was actually where my problem showed itself.

There are many more positive reviews!

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Auto X-Ray CodeScout 700 OBD-II Code Reader


Product Description
Features and Benefits:AutoXray introduces CodeScout 700 a fast and easy to use OBD-II code reader for Do-It-Yourselfers and Do-It-For-Mers. Quickly determine the cause of the “Check Engine Light”. Displays MIL and I/M Readiness Monitor status. Includes trilingual CD with over 5000+ manufacturer and generic trouble codes and their descriptions in English, Spanish and French. Also includes bilingual manual of generic trouble code descriptions in English and Spanish. Once vehicle has been fixed, use tool to erase trouble codes and turn off the Check Engine Light. For use on all OBD-II vehicles – 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. For use on all OBD-II vehicles – 1996 and newer cars and lights trucks – domestic and foreign – save time & money performing diagnostic scans any time or place when the check engine light comes onReads and Displays MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) status potentially avoid a trip to the mechanic with the information retrieved with codescout 700Reads and Displays supported emissions readiness monitor status (I/M Monitors)Reads and Erases generic and manufacturer specific DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

Auto X-Ray CodeScout 700 OBD-II Code Reader


AutoXray EZ-Read 1000 OBD II Code Reader


  • Supports multiple trouble code requests
  • Allows users to access trouble codes definitions
  • Detects on-board computer-II freeze frame information
  • Comprehensive and affordable
  • Users can access trouble codes and trouble code definitions

Product Description
Automotive Code Readers retrieve trouble and pending codes and display their definitions on-screen in plain English Code Readers are ideal for capturing manufacturer trouble codes. Trouble codes identify the component or system that has failed. The EZ-Read Code Readers are the most user-friendly, cost-efficient and portable OBD-I and OBD-II Code Readers available. Works on 1996-current domestic and import vehicles.
Supports multiple trouble code requests, generic codes, pending codes, enhanced codes
On screen display of generic and manufacturer specific codes
Displays Readiness Test Status
Reset Check Engine Lights
Internet Upgradeable

GM ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Ford ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Chrysler ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Toyota ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Honda ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
NISSAN ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
All other Asian and European ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)

1000 Code Reader
OBD-II Cable
Users Manual
Reg. Card
Box Sleeve

AutoXray EZ-Read 1000 OBD II Code Reader


Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Code Reader


Are you looking for a basic OBD ii code scanner that can get the job done yet is incredibly affordable? Well you have found it!

This little code reader is very compact and easy to use for all your automotive diagnostic needs. Yet it is a fraction of the price of many other scanner. Many typical do-it-yourselfers will never need more any more diagnostic power than what this powerful little scanner will give you. Here are just a few of the features of the Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Code Reader:

  • Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), includes definitions lookup software on CD and displays DTC definitions on screen
  • Features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, multilingual menu and DTC definitions and standard 16-pin OBD-II connector; no additional cables are needed
  • Retrieves VIN (Vehicle Identification No) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9; powered by cars electrical system, so no batteries required
  • Supports the CAN (Controller Area Network) protols and all other current OBD-II protocols
  • Works with all OBD-II compliant U.S., European and Asian vehicles (OBD-II is standard on all cars sold in U.S. post-1996)

Product Description
The MaxiScan code reader supports all OBD2 protocols, including the newly released Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. Though it is small, it is able to retrieve same information as large expensive scanners. This code reader reviews the emission readiness status of OBD monitors and determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status as well as turns off check engine light. It comes with free CD software with over 7000 DTC definitions and is powered via detachable OBD2 cable.

Here are just a few of the many good reviews the MS300 is getting:

I am not a mechanic by trade… If I were, I might want a fancier version, however, this little scanner seems to do everything that the much more expensive ones do for a very, very low price. The only thing that the more expensive ones MIGHT do is actually display the text for the error. This unit displays the error code and you have to reference the included book to see what the error code means, but for the price I don’t count that as a negative at all. Highly recomended for the casual user and probably even for the not-so-casual user.


Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Scan Tool performed exactly as described. It will give you the CEL code or codes and allows you to erase them. I didn’t even bother with the CD. If I need to research the problem I just go to the internet.


This worked just as I wanted. It gave me the code that I was able to translate and it reset the check engine light. Perfect


The scanner is priced $25 less than the cheapest at the local auto parts stores. I used it for my 2000 Nissan Frontier, and 2003 Chevy Impala. Cleared the codes. Great for the home mechanic.

There are literally hundred of great reviews for this little powerhouse code reader!

Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Code Reader Buy Cheap!